Rodríguez González and Esther Álvarez López, Strangers and Trespassers in Contemporary
Women’s Crime Fiction (2000-2020). Special Issue. Papers on Languaje &Literature. A Journal of Scholars and Critics of Language and Literature, vol. 28, n.º 1, winter 22.

Strangeness and trespassing are particularly ingrained in women’s crime fiction, as the investigation carried out usually implies unveiling the construction of social emotions, appealing to collective responsibility for the lack of support provided to the victims and reclaiming spaces of representation from an awareness of gender imbalance. As such, this special issue explores different portrayals of strangeness and trespassing of social boundaries in the fiction produced by women crime writers in the twenty-first century. The main focus will be the examination of alternative approaches to detection from a gender perspective that identifies new rationalities in the crime fiction genre.